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What Type of Survival Clothing Should I Pack?

What Type of Survival Clothing Should I Pack? Putting together a survival kit in case of emergencies or disaster is part of being a responsible adult. To protect yourself and your family, put together a kit of emergency preparedness items that will get you through should a need ever arise. What you put in your kit is important, and there are many lists out there that outline the many different items that you should include. ìSurvival clothingî is one of the items that is almost always included on that list.   What Qualifies As Survival Clothing? Unfortunately those lists don't always specify exactly what you need. So the words extra clothing or survival clothing might not come across as anything...

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Survival Training

Survival Training With all of the reality shows on television dedicated to survival techniques and even doomsday type preppers, you are likely somewhat familiar with the idea of survival training. But, what those television shows might not explain properly is that survival training isn't just for adventure buffs and the slightly paranoid.Survival training is a very real and useful life tool that everyone should look into at some level. The fact is that being prepared for unforeseen disasters (such as destructive weather events, major industrial accidents, or even terrorism) is a responsible move.     What Is Survival Training? Survival training is exactly what it sounds like. It is training you to survive outside of your usual comfort zone. Survival...

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What Should Go into a Survival First Aid Kit?

What Should Go into a Survival First Aid Kit? Everyone should have at least a basic survival kit just in case disaster strikes. A survival first aid kit is one of the most important preparations for any sort of disaster or event.   What Is a Survival First Aid Kit? A survival first aid kit is a bit more equipped than just a regular everyday first aid kit that might contain some Band-Aids and antiseptic cream. A survival first aid kit is meant to help you survive in the aftermath of a major disaster, where injuries sustained could be life threatening. A survival first aid kit is going to be small enough to pick up and move with, but large...

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What Every Survival Kit Should Contain

What Every Survival Kit Should Contain Every home and car should contain at least a basic survival kit in the event of a disaster. Even if you believe that nothing will ever happen to necessitate using such a kit, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the lives and safety of yourself and your loved ones. You just never know what the future could bring, and a survival kit for emergency preparedness is essential to any home.   The Very Basics At the very least, every home should have a few basics. These items will be especially helpful in the event of a power outage of any sort, especially if you are unable to...

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Survivalist versus Prepper

Survivalist versus Prepper When it comes to readiness for anything that life throws at you, there are survivalists and there are preppers. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different. Survivalists and preppers have a common goal for sure, but there are major differences in the overall sentiment and outcome of their behavior.   A Common Bond There are many commonalities between survivalists and preppers. At their core, both have the similar ideal of being ready for a disaster. Both survivalists and preppers alike spend time and resources to prepare for impending disasters such as major weather events, war, and even statistically unlikely disasters.Both of these types of people have a strong will to live and...

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